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The List

This list is in no particular order or priority. It contains a wide variety of books on differing subjects. There are even some novels, but they all have something profound to say about life. I have marked some as *Essential Reading, but you may find others essential to you. They are listed in order, as below by, Title, Author, ISBN Number, Subject. My favourite 5 books are highlighted.

Title --------------Author-------------ISBN Number------------Subject

1.*Conversations with God, Neale Donald Walsch, 0-340-69325-8, Spiritual

2. The Seekers Handbook, John Lash, 0-537-58897-6, Spiritual Pathways

3. Let Your Life Speak, Parker J. Palmer, 0-7879-4735-0, Spirituality, Life Path

4. The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho, 0-7225-3293-8, Spiritual, Life Philosophy

5.*The Prophet, Kahil Gibran, 0-330-31972-8, Spiritual, Life Philosophy

6.*Siddartha, Herman Hesse, 0-330-23481-1, Spiritual, Life Philosophy

7. Tao Te Ching, Lao Tsu, 0-7045-0007-8, Spiritual, Life Philosophy

8. Handbook of the Soul, Richard Carlson, 0-7499-1582-X, Spiritual, Life Philosophy

9. The Way to Life, Benjamin Hoff, 0-8348-0156-6, Spiritual, Life Philosophy

10.A Guide to the I Ching, Carol K.Anthony, 0-9603832-4-7, Spiritual, Life Philosophy

11.The Journey, Brandon Bays, 0-7225-3839-1, Health, Spiritual

12.* Exploring the Unconscious, Georg Groddeck, 0-85478-017-3, Health, Unconscious

13.* Ishmael, Daniel Quinn, 0-340-71710-6, Environment

14.* Earth Abides, George R. Stewart, 0-449-21301-3, Environment and Hope

15.* On Giants Shoulders, Marjorie Wallace, 0-552-10472-8, Courage and Hope

16.* Radical Honesty, Brad Blanton, 0-440-50754-5, Life Philosophy

17.This Business of the Gods, Joseph Campbell, 0-9693254-1-X, Life Philosophy

18.The Book of Questions, Gregory Stock , 0-89489-320-4, Life Philosophy

19.Iron John, Robert Bly, 1-85230-419-7, Mans Journey

20.Psychological Reflections, Carl Jung, 0-7100-7176-0, Psychology, Unconscious

21.The Way of the Dream, Marie Von Franz, 0-9693254-0-1, Dreams

22.*The Little Course in Dreams, Robert Bosnak, 0-88873-899-8, Dreams

23.Jewish Meditation, Myrah Kaplan, 0-805-20781-3, Meditation

24.*The Little Book on Words, Laurie Phillips, 0-9531-9180-X , Communication

25.The Little Zen Companion, David Schiller, 1-56305-467-1, Sayings

26.Zen to Go, John Winokur, 0-452-26531-2 , Sayings

27.*The Dice Man, Luke Rheinhart, 0-586-03765-9, Risk, Change

28. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert Pirsig, 0-099-78640-0, Quality in Life

29.* 50 Self Help Classics, Tom Butler-Bowdon, 1-85788-323-3, Self Help

30 Uncommon Therapy, Jay Haley, 0-393-31031-0, Psychology

31 The Little Book of the Human Shadow, Robert Bly, 1-85230-315-8, Psychology

32 The Book of the It, Georg Groddek, 0-85478-234-6, Psychology

33* Exploring the Unconscious, Georg Groddek, 0-85478-017-3, Psychology

34* The Poisonwood Bible, Barbara Kingsolver, 0-571-20175-X, Cultural Differences

35 What at Life should mean to you, Alfred Adler, 0-04-150076-X, Psychology, Philosophy

36 Mans search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl, 0-671-24422-1, Psychology, Philosophy

37 The Souls Code, James Hillman , 0-679-44522-6, Psychology, Philosophy

38 Not Guilty, David Thomas, 0-297-81216-5, Mens Psychology

39 Help Ive Got a Teenager, Robert/Jean Bayard, 1-85015-102-4, Child Management

40 The Good Retreat Guide, Stafford Whiteaker, 0-7126-4551-9, Retreats

41 The Bodymind Workbook, Debbie Shapiro, 1-85230-167-8, Mind/Body Relationship

42 The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, Sogyal Rinpoche, 0-7126-5752-5, Spirituality

43 The Book of Love, Dr. David Delvin, 0-450-02320-6, Love, Sexuality

44 Sex in the Forbidden Zone Dr. Peter Rutter 0-04-440584-7, Power and Sexuality

45 Toxic Parents, Dr. Susan Forward, 0-553-28434-7, Psychology

46 Codependency, David Stafford/Liz Hodginson, 0-7499-1043-7, Psychology. Addiction

47 Written in the Stars, Michael Gauquelin, 0-85030-615-9, Astrology

48 Astrology Really Works, The Magi Society, 1-56170-134-3, Astrology

49 The Astrology of Fate, Liz Greene, 0-87728-636-1, Astrology

50*Bearing Witness, Bernie Glassman, 0-609-60061-3, Zen, Peace

51 A Path with Heart, Jack Kornfield, 0-553-37211-4, Spirituality

52 The Diamond Cutter, Geshe Michael Roach, 0-385-47970-3, Buddhism

53 Empire of the Ants, Bernard Werber, 0-552-14112-7, Nature

54 Other Lives Other Selves, Roger Woolger, 1-85538-311-X, Past Life Therapy

55 No Destination, Satish Kumar, 1-870-09889-7, Life Principles

56 *New and Selected Poems, Mary Oliver, 0-8070-6819-5, Poetry

57 *A Symphony in the Brain, Jim Robbins, 0-8021-3819-5, Brain Wave Feedback

58 As it is, Tony Parsons, 1-878019-10-4, Spritiual Awakening

59 Mao The Unknown Story, Jon Halliday, 978-0-099-46155-5 Extraordinary Life

60 The Long Walk to Freedom, Nelson Mandela, 0-349-10653-3 Extraordinary Life

61 The Reluctant Fundamentalist, Moshin Hamid, 978-0-241-14365-0 Trust and Change

62 The Elegance of the Hedgehog, Muriel Barbery 978-1906040185 Patience

63 This is it!, Laurie Phillips, 0-9531918-1-8 World Wisdom

64 Is this the Answer?, Laurie Phillips 978-0-9531918-2-6 Poetry

65 Which Way is UP? Laurie Phillips Communications

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