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You know what you know.

You know what you don't know.

Who knows

What they don't know

They don't know?

Is the Forum a story

Or does it really happen?

Does anyone know this?

Is it really complex

Or simplicity brilliantly disguised?

Many people gather together

The tell stories to each other.

Is anyone the wiser? Is anyone clearer?

Yet breakthroughs happen.

Why is this?

The Leader talks in riddles

About stories and rackets

Is this a racket?

Or a story we make up?

No. A winning formula of confusion.

Confusion breaks the rigidity

Breaking the rigidity creates space

Space provides Insights

Insights produce breakthroughs

Real transformation.

People get angry

Enrolment irritates them

They attack it but in the end

They discover a surprise.

They are attacking themselves.

They do it again and again.

Do they never learn?

Authenticity appears

Like a ghost in the mist

Only to disappear as quickly.

The Forum is a mirror.

It is highly polished

Perfectly reflecting

Everyone's projections

Straight back at them.

Yet they say it's not therapy.

Yet it does the same job.

Only quicker

More confrontationally

So what is it?

They say it is not philosophy.

Yet it has one.

Is that not a paradox?

Is life not a paradox?

The Forum reflects life.

They say it is not a religion.

Yet it inspires thousands

Who follow it.

They work for the Forum

For nothing.

To do this they must believe.

Some would say such belief

Makes it religious.

In some ways it is, in others it is not.

Who understands this?

The leaders are inspirational.

Inspiration inspires.

Yet enrolment

Often has the opposite effect.

Why is this?

Enrolment is telling stories.

At length.

Without questions.

They are supposed to inspire

Often they don't.

This is tedious.

It undermines confidence.

Cynicism returns

Doubt pervades

What happened to clarity?

Running a Racket

Who understand this?

Those who need to be right.

Not being right

Doesn't mean you are wrong.

Not being right creates space

For the other person to be.

Not being right

Creates love and self-expression

Everyone needs this.


Comes out of Nothing.

The Forum says.

Nothing comes out of


Nothing and Something

are the same.

Both are one.

One is God.

The Forum doesn't say this.

It may be true

Or maybe not.

Just like the Forum

What is truth?

Who knows this?

Expressing yourself

Other people listen

Or do they?

Those on the Forum listen

Those outside seldom know how.

Is simply expressing yourself


Who knows how to listen?


Do the Forum helpers?

Being Authentic

Produces Integrity.

Integrity shines like a beacon.

It is a beacon which needs re-lighting

Again and again.

Be inspirational

And you will inspire others.

Anything less

And it is uninspiring.

There is no middle ground.

Declaration speaks.

Intentions are declared

To others.

But most importantly

To you.

Intention commits,

Commitment connects,

Connection enthuses,

Enthusiasm causes action,

Actions succeed.

Being Present

You live in the 'moment'.

Fully expressed.

This is not easy.

Even for those who know.

Forgetting is easy

Losing oneself in stories

And rackets and formulas.

Friends will remind us

If we ask. So ask.

Attachment is embedded.

Learn to let go.

Letting go releases

Our heart,

And brings us closer.

The Forum

Has no easy answers.

No magic wands.

It is simply ideas

Concepts, models, Tools.

If you use them

Life transforms.

Who doesn't want this?

Yet people forget.

They forget they want a better life?

They lose heart

And inspiration.

They fall back

Into old ways.

They give up on themselves.

Use the tools,

Till the soil

Of your own soul

Daily. Hourly.

Be inspired.

Inspire others.

Be committed.

Be intentional




LP 7.9.99 Amended 23.9.99

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