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This is my natal chart.for anyone that can read it. I am an Aquarian with Sagittarius Rising. I have been studying Astrology for 30+ years. I have found it an invaluable addition to my life and that of my family. It is particularly useful in the diagnosis and understanding of illness.

'I, Sir, have studied it, you have not!'

Sir Issac Newton when questioned on the value of Astrology.


A properly drawn chart is 360 degrees. All the star signs are represented on the OUTER CIRCLE. Each one consists of a 30 degree segment. The precise position depends upon the precise time you were born. Imagine the chart rotates anti-clockwise by a degree every four minutes. Thus if you are ten minutes out in your precise birth time, the chart is two and a half degrees in error! An hour wrong and it is 15 degrees out! The MIDDLE section are the HOUSES. These are said to represent different areas of life. Within them are the SYMBOLS for the PLANETS. In the INNERMOST CIRCLE are the lines which connect the planets. These are called the ANGLES.


The planets move at different speeds in relation to the earth. We are familiar with Sun's annual cycle and the Moon's monthly cycle. However the other planets also have regular cycles - indeed Astrology is essentially the study of planetary cycles.

Moon Cycle Monthly

Progressed Moon 27 and a half years

Sun Cycle Annually

Venus 9 14 months

Mercury 11-13 months

Mars One year 10 and 2/3rds months

Jupiter 11.88 years

Saturn 29.42 years

Chiron 60 years

Uranus 83.75 years

Neptune 163.74 years

Pluto 245.33 years


The Zodiac is mysterious

Everyone knows this

The influence of stars and planets

Is dismissed by the unknowing

How can they know without study?

Studying patterns brings insight

Insight creates understanding.

The price of insight is responsibility

Responsibility weighs heavy.

It is the burden of Astrologers.

Experience of patterns gives power

Power is easily misused

Everyone knows this.

Astrology gives special wisdom

Great wisdom demands great delicacy.

Birthdays create destiny

Destiny is inimitable

Not everyone knows this.

They think they have choices

They fight to get their way.

The stars move on inexorably

Fate always has.

Cycles flow and return

And choice is dissolved.

Only the wise know this.

The wise flow with fate

The unwise rail against it.

Astrology shows fates wishes

Willing acceptance of your destiny

Is the wisest course.

Astrologers calculate in many ways

Yet Every way works.

Why is this?

Every way reflects the cosmos

The great shines through the small.

What came before Astrology

Who knows this?

Man's questions and curiostiy

Must stop at the Infinite

Only the Gods know such mysteries.

© LP 16.11.96

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