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Welcome to Peace UK, the site that could make a real difference to your life and that of others.

This site contains a wide variety of useful information about the world and how you relate to it. Some of the information is in the form of diagrams, posters, or photos. Please be patient as these may take a short while to download. You are welcome to print off any of these for your own use.

1. There are pages on Communication including a diagram showing the Fundamental Principles of Communication which never change.

2. There are over a dozen posters you can download - 50 ways to do many things!

3. There is information on self awareness from various viewpoints, Astrology, Psychotherapy, the I Ching, amongst others.

4. There is information on probably the best courses and course venues in the world.

5. There are a variety of thought provoking and meaningful 'Sayings'.

6. There is interesting and inspiring Poetry and Writing - a little mine, mostly others.

7. There is some Art, pictures of beautiful sunsets and the Family.

8. Also other hopefully thought provoking ideas, not all self-evident - you may have to search a little.

9. There are practical ideas like The Friendship Forum and more esoteric models like Lexis.

10. There are poems on Peace and ideas which might promote it, including information on how to contact Governments around the world.

11. There is a recommended Book List which contains a variety of extraordinary books I have read and recommend.

12. There are some great thoughts on Charity and some lovely Blessings.

I hope you enjoy what you find. If so, please tell a friend about it.

Also visit my son Ashley's site http//, to see amazing art done on glass.. 07960 860 432

For nutrition informaton and help, visit my daughter Amber's site 07973 738 152

All communications, questions and comments are welcome to

The Site Author

Laurie Phillips (picture on Family photo page) was born in January 1943.

He lives with his wife Estelle in Dorset England. His children Amber and Ashley, partners and four granchildren live in London.

He has worked in Sales, Marketing and Advertising, run his own training consultancy business and been a Psychotherapist. He is presently actively retired, starting new social groups, painting, writing books and poetry, supporting Brighton his club from childhood and Arsenal, because they play the best football -(or used to when site was originally created!).

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